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Pindo Palm Stair Treads

Pindo Palm Stair Treads

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The quick and easy solution for the perfect stairs! With an average full installation time of 4 hours, factory-installed returns, and over 100 patterns and colors available, these treads are made to take you a step above the competition.

Our 1" Stair Tread Slab option is the perfect solution to install directly on your site-built staircase, directly on the frame. 

The 1/2" Stair Tread option is the go-to if you have an existing carpeted stair case and are taking that carpet up, or have used our York stair box solution in your project. This thickness keeps everything within code for both situations. 

The 1/8" Stair Skin option is the go to for any existing staircase that was constructed with 1" oak or pine treads. The tread that is on the staircase stays in place, and the skin goes on top of it. 

When selecting which side(s) of the stair tread you want your returns on, please use the point of view from the bottom of the stairs, looking up at the stairs, to select which side they go on. 

Compatible Flooring


Care Instructions

Important Tips
Use any non-abrasive, soap free cleaner suitable for laminate flooring on a regular basis,
Abrasive pads and cleaners, including nylon
scouring pads, steel wool, Comet TM, Soft Scrub TM, etc., Which may damage the finish.
• Footprints and dirt easily wipe away with a moist cloth. Just wring cloth well before use.
• It is recommended to remove any wet spills immediately to avoid liquid penetration into the
• Use caution when moving large appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, etc.
• Use protective mats at exterior entrances and in heavy traffic areas.
• Don’t use “mop and shine” products. They will leave a dull film. Never wax or polish your floor.

York Flooring Products are extremely hygienic and the easy care makes the floor virtually
maintenance free compared to other flooring. Routine cleaning only requires vacuuming, dust
mopping or damp mopping. The use of flooring cleaner on a regular basis is all you will need to keep your floor beautiful for years to come. Larger
marks and difficult stains can be easily removed with Acetone TM (nail polish remover) or other
solvents containing alcohol.
Stain Problems and Solutions:
Grease, Juice, Wine:
Any non-abrasive cleaner or warm
Water and soap-free household cleaner
Crayon, Asphalt, Nail Polish, Paint
Denatured alcohol or Acetone TM (nail polish
remover), then warm water and a soap-free
household cleaner.
Gum, Candle Wax
Allow to harden, then gently scrape free with a
plastic scraper.

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