This page contains a reference chart/information intended to help you purchase the right color of our Spot-On stair system. Note, your flooring may match one of the color, even if it was not intended to do so, as many patterns and colors have crossover with other brands/lines of flooring.


 Collection Manufacturer's Name Corresponding Color - Click for Samples

Rare Vintage

Fawn Chestnut Surf City Chestnut
Rare Vintage Cedar Chestnut Topsail Chestnut
Rare Vintage Knotted Chestnut Tower 7 Chestnut
Rare Vintage Earthen Chestnut Lea Island Chestnut
Rare Vintage Silverstone Chestnut Sloop Point Chestnut
Rare Vintage Doeskin Chestnut South End Chestnut
Rare Vintage Sandcastle Oak Banks Channel Oak
Rare Vintage Driftwood Oak Swingbridge Oak
Rare Vintage Ashlar Oak Intracoastal Oak
Boardwalk Sand Dune Port City
Boardwalk Beachwood Cape Fear River
Boardwalk Silver Shadow Seacoast Railway
Boardwalk Boathouse Brown Riverwalk
Boardwalk Gulf Sand Salt Works
Boardwalk Graphite Battleship Gray
Boardwalk Bleached Linen Bridgetender
Boardwalk Sail Cloth Airlie Garden
Boardwalk Outerbanks Chandlers Wharf
Boardwalk Wicker Wilmington
Reclame Heathered Oak Wrightsville Oak
Reclame Flint Oak Stump Sound Oak
Reclame Tudor Oak Masonboro Oak
Reclame Malted Tawny Oak Station One Oak
Reclame Mocha Oak Lumina Avenue Oak
Reclame White Wash Oak Shell Island Oak
Reclame Old Town Oak Harbor Island Oak
Reclame Jefferson Oak Trolley Stop Oak
Reclame Chester Oak Blockade Runner Oak
Reclame Hamilton Oak Oceanic Oak
Reclame Anderson Oak Causeway Drive Oak
Reclame Roane Oak Steel Pier Oak
Vivid Step Shimmering Sand Sandbar


Happy Feet

 Collection Manufacturer's Name Corresponding Color
Rescue Sand Mountain Harbor Lights
Rescue Lake Placid Beacon
Thrive Sky Harbor View
Malibu Alaska Paddle Board
Independence Plymouth Jockeys Ridge
Independence Williamsburg Kitty Hawk
Independence Jamestown Wright Flyer
Independence Chesapeake First in Flight
Independence Providence Wing Warp
Independence Potomac Aviation
Freedom Kennedy Oak Island Lighthouse
Freedom Franklin Cape Lookout
Freedom Hamilton Bodie Island Lighthouse
Freedom Hoover Cape Hatteras
Freedom Madison Ocracoke Lighthouse
Freedom Lincoln Old Baldy Lighthouse


Horizon Forest

Collection  Manufacturer's Name
Corresponding Color
Stockbridge Sesame Beach Cottage
Breckenridge Pepper Spinnaker
Breckenridge Galingale Starboard


Home Depot

Collection  Manufacturer's Name Corresponding Color
Lifeproof Chiffon Lace Salt Meadow
Lifeproof Dusk Cherry Sandspur
Lifeproof Seasoned Wood Pinto Palm
Lifeproof Walton Oak Foxtail Grass
Lifeproof Sterling Oak Silver Pampas
Lifeproof Fresh Oak Live Oak 



Collection  Manufacturer's Name  Corresponding Color
Burke 440606 Albatross
Burke 440604 Oyster Catcher
Burke 440609 Osprey
Burke 440605 Sandpiper



Collection  Manufacturer's Name  Corresponding Color
Nottington/Variations Taupe Fusion Blowfish
Nottington/Variations Light Natural Flounder
Timeless/Connection Genuine Brown Trout
Timeless/Connection Renewed Sharkskin
Tivole Plus/Lazio Plus Vieste Albacore
Tivole Plus/Lazio Plus Sabbi Grouper
Tivole Plus/Lazio Plus Cocco Sea Bass
Tivole Plus/Lazio Plus Riva Spot
Fairbanks Maple Gold Dust Sunfish
Campbell Creek Canopy Perch
Campbell Creek Burlap Bowfin
Siesta Key/Key West Crescent Beach Pogy



Collection Manufacturer's Name Corresponding Color
TP Aged Hickory Sail Boat
TP Bauxite Hickory Winward
TP Country Retreat Nautical Mile
TP Mystic Oak Shearwater
TP Los Andes Breakwater